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At Underhill Barn we are committed to working in a sustainable way and in continuously improving our performance and minimising our environmental impact.

We comply with the requirements of all environmental legislation

  • Conserve energy – reduce energy by switching off lights and closing windows if the heating is on.  We only heat areas which are being used; we use low-energy LED bulbs where appropriate (in over 95% of all of our fittings).  We generate electricity by a photovoltaic array on our barn and currently we are investigating how to make Underhill Barn more thermally efficient and change our heating system to air/ground source heat pump to significantly reduce environmental emissions and reduce our reliance on oil.

  • We shop locally – wherever we can, so that we are contributing to the local economy.  We are fortunate to have some fantastic local food and drink producers and suppliers in the local area, ask us about them.

  • We always combine journeys to reduce use of our cars.

  • Reduce, reuse, recycle – we reduce wastage to a minimum and recycle to the maximum.  We will gladly accept all your recyclable waste and we compost all kitchen and garden waste including paper hand towels.

  • We keep single use plastics to a minimum and do not provide single-use toiletries to reduce our consumption of plastic.  We provide our toiletries in refillable dispensers.

  • We change towels every third day unless requested by guests to reduce water, energy, and detergent consumption.

  • We use water wisely, our washing machine and dishwasher are AAA-rated, reducing water and energy consumption. 

  • Please do your bit to help by turning off the tap when you brush your teeth, by not overfilling the kettle in your room and by supporting our towel policy.

  • Energy efficient - Our kitchen appliances have been upgraded to more energy-efficient models to reduce our impact on the environment.

  • We line-dry all our laundry except towels and use non-phosphate Ecover detergent

  • Treat sewage without chemicals; we have our own water treatment system which discharges clean water into the environment. 

We want to create a memorable experience for our guests at Underhill Barn with sustainability at its heart so you know you are treading lightly. 

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